The Polish BSD User Group Meetup

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W każdy 3. czwartek miesiąca aż do 31 grudnia 2019

Fudo Security Office

Al. Jerozolimskie 178 · Warszawa

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Ask for Wheel Systems / Fudo Security office

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Presentations (15mins each):
1. Michał Kilijanek - Getting Smaug's Treasure or Towards FreeBSD and... Never Go Back Again
2. Gregory Brzeski & Adam Dobrawy - PowerDNS Authoritative Server denial of service (CVE[masked])
3. Wojciech Dubiel - From X to Wayland

Every presentation will be followed by Q&A session. We also encourage you to book some more time after the presentations. The main point of our meetup is an open discussion, a grand finale of our event. Pizza consumption is optional 😉

Continuous call for papers via [masked]

Most current info about our meetups is available at . For the discussion about BSD don't hesitate to visit our Facebook Group, for questions: just leave us a message.

Our group was created to promote systems from the BSD family. We organize meetings that bring together lovers of Unix systems. At the meetings, we conduct presentations and open discussions on topics related to operating systems. It is important to us that the events we organize are interesting for anyone interested in the subject of operating systems and security. Everyone can influence the subject of presentations and discussions. We are also open to people who want to talk about any chosen issue not strictly related to the operating systems.

Meetups are possible thanks to Fudo Security.