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Good news Everyone!

We are back after summer with non-workshop meetup (even though there will be short opportunity to pull out your laptops shortly). This time we have introduction of Open Source project Gardener ( by their very creators. Gardener in short is a tool to manage kubernetes cluster lifecycle in kubernetes, so prepare to wrap your mind around this concept ;)

Introduction to Gardener - The Kubernetes Botanist

There are many Open Source tools which help in creating and updating single Kubernetes clusters. Corporations usually require many clusters, depending on their size they may require hundreds or even thousands of clusters. However, the more clusters you need the harder it becomes to operate, monitor, manage, and keep all of them alive and up-to-date.

That is exactly what open source project “Gardener” focuses on. It is not just another provisioning tool, but it is rather designed to manage Kubernetes clusters as a service. It provides Kubernetes-conformant clusters on various cloud providers and the ability to maintain hundreds or thousands of them at scale. At SAP, we face this heterogeneous multi-cloud & on-premise challenge not only in our own platform, but also encounter the same demand at all our larger and smaller customers implementing Kubernetes & Cloud Native.

Inspired by the possibilities of Kubernetes and the ability to self-host, the foundation of Gardener is Kubernetes itself. While self-hosting, as in, to run Kubernetes components inside Kubernetes is a popular topic in the community, we apply a special pattern catering to the needs of operating a huge number of clusters with minimal total cost of ownership.

In this session Dirk will provide a comprehensive overview of Gardener, the underlying concepts, and talk about interesting implementation details. In addition there will be a hands-on sessions where attendants will be given free access to a Gardener instance and given the opportunity to dynamically create Kubernetes cluster and test them.

Speaker Biography

Dirk is software architect and product owner in SAP’s Cloud Platform group building Gardener and has helped to establish Gardener as the primary platform to run containerized applications as SAP. He has a strong background in software development and has been part of the Gardner team since the beginning.