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We are (constantly) looking for talks! Here's the form where you can submit your ideas:

You can also join as on a newly created #pydata channel on pykonik's slack; if you're not there yet, you can join here ->

After more than a year of absence Pydata Kraków is back – with a new team, and new ideas. Starting in October we're going to meet every two or three months, the first meetup is scheduled for 03.10 (Thursday) in Codecool, ul. Ślusarska 9.

19:00 Modern deep learning frameworks - a complex view; by Michał Kotarba[1]
19:45 Solutions for 3D semantic segmentation by examples.[2]
20:30 Lightning Talks.[3]
21:00 afterparty ;)[4]

Title: Modern deep learning frameworks - a complex view
Summary: A comparison of frameworks based on ease of use, deployment, support, available materials etc.

Short bio of the speaker:
Michał Kotarba graduated from AGH UST in 2018, where he obtained his M. Eng. degree in Biomedical Engineering. He currently works in Codahead as an AI Developer dealing mostly with vision projects. In his free time he plays chess online.

Title: Solutions for 3D semantic segmentation by examples.
Summary: Semantic segmentation is a process of first dividing an image into areas, and assigning each of the regions a category. The result of this process is an image with each pixel being categorised. Now, the 3D imaging is increasingly popular and creates a subset of problems that require to solve semantic segmentation in 3D space. Those include autonomous cars, indoor scene analysis, or high energy physics. In this talk, I will present how semantic segmentation problem in 3D neutrino detector, and details of the solution, based on the work of the DeepLearnPhysics group, as well as introduce alternative ideas.

Bio: Maciej Majewski, Physics PhD. candidate. Currently working with LHCb-CERN colaboration.

Everyone loves lightning talks. If you want to show something, ideally related to procesing data in a ~5min short talk – here's your chance. We're not too strict on the timing, and you can either contact us beforehand or just come up with the idea during the meetup.

Now back to the general description:
We're focusing mostly on data related subjects – Data Analysis, ML, AI, etc, and we're not limited to Python – if you'd like to give a talk about something you did in R, Julia, Matlab, or Excel – you're also welcome :)

If you'd like to support the idea please join us on 03.10, if you like to present a talk (at this, or a any future meetups) please write to us at [masked] . We're also looking for sponsors, so if you or your company are interested – please let us know too.

Last but not least – RSVP != Like. We have about 60 spots available for the first meetup, so please only RSVP if you're planning to be there.