Pydata Kraków #5 - Open Spaces

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Hi folks!

This meetup will have different form than the last one. What are Open Spaces? It is a great opportuinity to network and talk ideas. The formula is as follows:

1. First we list topics that we would like to discuss
2. Then we vote on the topics, depending on whether we would like to discuss them or not
3. We go through the list of voted topics in descending order of number of votes.
4. We discuss each topic for 5-10 minutes,and then vote on extending the time if group liked it.
5. ... if not, we go to the next topic, and repeat 4

You are encouraged to submit a topic, or just come and talk. Or just come, and not to talk at all if you are shy ;)

The topics might be submitted:
- on #PyData slack channel here: (the best way)
- in this meetups comments below
- on fanpage post regarding this meetup (

We will be gathering all of the topics in this post, so you could check if it was already submitted. Topic submition is not mandatory, you can also propose them during meetup.
The topic might be anything, examples;
- How to pick a number of layers in neural network.
- An application of machine learning that you have seen.
- Or even specific paper that you read.

If you can, please add some links or references if the thing that you want to discuss might be not known by everyone.

- ML/DS community in Kraków
- Pytorch vs Tensorflow (
- Dataset library
- OpenAI hide and seek