Art & Movement (Qoya)

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5 – wzięło udział

 25,00 GBP

Globe House Yoga

Crucifix Ln · Londyn

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Entrance is beside 20 Crucifix Lane. Look for the only tree, then the metal gates set back from the road, press 8 on entry phone. Walk across the car park, there is a small door on the right, behind the container stack with “Yoga” inscribed above it.

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Our workshop is based around the idea of movement being our medicine, and art as our therapy.

The movement is dance, but it's the kind of dance you do when no one is watching.
A dance that you only know you're doing it right when it feels good.
We call it movement - because it could just be as simple as swaying your hips.

We create art, but this is no art class.
This is the art we created when we were children.
We use our hands and we spread the paint across the paper.
There's no such thing as doing it wrong.

Using the tools of art and creativity, combined with dance and moving our body in a way that feels good, we explore the expression of our wisdom and wild self to find our freedom.

We will journey through movement and dance, and ground into our bodies through the practise of Qoya, led by Melanie.

We will explore the expression of our creativity, and release our inhibitions through the medium of art, guided by Daisy.

Interweaving these two therapeutic practises will help heal and ground us as we journey with our true wild self. We will release and create. We will find the true meaning of what it is to be wise, wild and free.

Together we entwine the relationship between expression of movement and creativity. We dance with our inner wild woman, we face our authenticity in the ink that spills across the paper and we find freedom to run with the colours of our soul beneath our feet as we dance and create art.

About Daisy

I am a London based creative, with an Arts background in design and illustration (BA), and have trained in Reiki Healing in more recent years.

Having hosted drawing workshops at festivals, and for Art students in schools, I have a passion to share the freedom of expression and exploration through art.

Using art as a therapeutic practise enables women to explore their emotions and assist in healing. By creating we release, and by releasing we create.

About Melanie

I am a Modern Day Alchemist and help women to get in touch with their authentic self, find out where their blocks are and work through them so that they can live their best life.

Among my alchemical tools of Goddess Healing, fire medicine and energy work is the tool of Movement Medicine - Qoya.

Qoya is a wellness practise that blends yoga, dance and sensual movement to be used as a portal to remembering.

Photo by Olena Zaskochenko