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Quare MeetCast is Meetup and Podcast about Testing, Quality, Agile and Software Development.

Our mission is to spread top notch ideas among the software development community. You can join and actively participate in the online meeting or listen to the podcast afterwards.

How does Quare MeetCast work?

We invite top experts to have a meaningful discussion on hot issues. The key element of Quare MeetCast is the interaction between Guests and Audience facilitated by the Host. The agenda is created live by the dynamics of discussion, but should always go around the main theme set for the day.

What is Quare MeetCast?

MeetCast is a combination of Meetup and Podcast. During the online Meetup, we discuss interesting/important/meaningful issues. The Meetup is recorded and later after processing the audio part, it will be published in a podcast form.Quare MeetCast focuses on Testing, Quality and Software Development.

The formula of the Quare MeetCast

Invited Guests start with 10-20 minutes expose on a selected topic. Guests may use the slides to help articulate their thoughts and ideas, but since it won’t be visible in the Podcast, the main content should be placed in the audio 😉.

After that, the Host asks questions and facilitates the discussion with the Audience.
Since the theme is known upfront, the Audience can send questions to the Host before the meetup. Note that due to limited time, not all questions will be asked and answered during the MeetCast.

MeetCast will be recorded but before posting it as a podcast it will be processed. So if any controversial part happens during the MeetCast, it may be removed in the post-production. Audio from the recording will be published in a Podcast form in your favorite podcast platforms:

• iTunes

• spotify

• Stitcher

• SoundCloud

If you want to support the development of the MeetCast and community (or just have a guaranteed spot on the meetup😉), you can do it here:



By taking part in the Quare MeetCast you consent to the recording of your statements and grant to the right to copy, reproduce, and use all or portion of the statements for incorporation in the podcast, transcription of the podcast or any other form.

You understand that it might be shared so that listeners (or readers), potentially through the world, can listen to it (or read it) and is the owner of all of the rights to this content.

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