Socrates Cafe (ENG)


* What is Socrates Cafe?

It’s an open discussion for everyone and anyone. It's built in a way that makes sure you don’t need to have a charisma or scientific degree to participate. How is it possible? Check out the rules below!

We do not look for one definitive answer but rather we try to inquire and to look at the topic from different perspectives. The goal is to end the discussion with more questions than we came with.

* How long?

Two hours with one ten-minute break.

* What topic?

In the beginning of our meeting each participant can propose the topic(s) for a discussion. Usually they take a form of a question. Then we vote to select the topic of the discussion.

* How much it costs?

It’s for free! But we are meeting in the Kawiarnia Literacka — and everyone knows that a cup of tea or coffee is the best addition to the good discussion;)

* Rules

To make sure that our discussion is polite and accessible for everyone we set a few important rules:

- Queue - if you want to share your thoughts, raise your hand. The facilitator will note it on the list and you will have a chance to do so in your turn.
- Ad vocem - you can ask for explanation of a word or a sequence of reasoning (logical consistencies or inconsistencies, built-in assumptions etc.) of a person that is currently speaking.
- Avoid difficult words. If they are necessary — be ready to explain them.
- Avoid arguments from authority and references to books or others works of culture — not everyone can be familiar with them.

Feel free to come!