TWF Multiplatform Development with Kotlin & Preventing Job Burnout

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TWF Meetup
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BROWAR LUBICZ, Lubicz 17J,[masked] Kraków

“How to keep your flame burning – on burn-out and its prevention”

• Have you lately had a hard time getting up to work?
• Has your job ben overwhelming you so much that you lost your temper?
• Have you been making cynical comments about your co-workers or clients?
• Have you lost your drive and secretly fear that you are finished in your profession?

If you answered “yes” to at least 2 of those questions, there is a chance you’re on the edge of a job burn-out. If you want to learn more about one of the most occupational syndromes of modern days and find out how to prevent it, join our meet-up.

Multiplatform Development with Kotlin

Kotlin has many flavors. Kotlin/JVM became very popular among Android developers - it's first choice language for Android projects. Kotlin/JS allows writing code for browser and Kotlin/Native compiles to native code, interoperable with C++. That allows targeting iOS devices while writing mobile applications. But do we actually can use only one language for all major platforms?
During the presentation we will show multi and cross platform mobile technologies. We will see how Kotlin/Native works in mobile applications and we will discuss possibilities of that environment.

Aleksandra Błaszczyk
Soft skills trainer, crisis coach, HR & management consultant. Personal & professional development freak. Occasional artist. Rebel with a cause. In tireless search for meaning. Publishes on burn-out prevention at

Jarosław Michalik
Android developer. Big fan of unit testing and automation. He often talks about Android and Kotlin. You can meet him at conferences, meetups as well on volleyball courts.

Grzegorz Stepniewski:
“Android developer at Avanade. He loves Kotlin, always wants to share knowledge about it, and believes that more people will start to use it”

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