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We are a humble group of developers and software enthusiasts from Infor. We share different technical knowledge and business experience but regardless of our stories we truly believe that software should inspire us and our customers to talk in an honest and human voice. Our mission is to profitably identify, design, build, and launch high quality software solutions. And to do this using industry-standard technologies, tools, and processes.

Thanks to the broad range of different IT projects that we participate in we have an opportunity to work on both the majestic monoliths with existing code base and greenfield projects with newest technologies. It means that we encounter interesting challenges during our work which makes us simply better software craftsman. We believe that the craft of writing software will not become obsolete and if you share our opinion then Tech Talks at Infor will definitely be interesting for you.

We want to share our knowledge and our experience with a community of professionals interested in new technologies, cloud solutions and well-crafted software. The doors of our spot in Wroclaw are always open for all eager to learn and willing to discuss people. Feel free to join our tech-talk.

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Transition to modern JavaScript development


Automated cross-platform testing


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