Packages and the object design - Wrocław PHP #1

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Wroclaw PHP
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plac Jana Pawła II 14 · Wrocław

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Locate mBank (pl. Jana Pawła II 9) and enter the construction site next to it. Follow the road until you see a big chimney. It's the building on the right (pinned on the map).

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Hello everyone! We are happy to announce our very first Wrocław PHP event! We hope to create a close-knit community of developers that would like to develop their own skills even further. If you want to help, join us on the 28th of May at 18:30 and we will start this journey together.

📆Our agenda

- 18:30-18:40 - Short introduction
- 18:40-19:25 - "Good Object design" by Anna Adamchuk (30m + Q/A)
- 19:30-20:15 - "Package everything" by Bruno Ramalho (30m + Q/A)
- 20:15 - Pizza and networking

📚More about topics

"Good Object design" talk will give you an overview of the object design rules and practices that should help you to write better code and improve the quality of your project.

"Package everything" will focus on the basic concept of composer and related best practices by using a real example of a big project without composer that was refactored to be modular.

💪Speakers of the day

Anna Adamchuk is a senior software developer at Centra, passionate about the Symfony ecosystem. She likes to simplify complex applications to make them clean and maintainable.

Bruno Ramalho is a senior software engineer and lead developer with expertise in PHP, open source lover and DDD advocate. He has been involved in building enterprise applications for one of the biggest online marketplaces.

🍕 Miscellaneous

You can expect pizza and refreshments (including alcohol-free and vegan options).

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us: [masked]