From Base to Zendesk Kraków

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While we are not Base anymore, we still remember everything that inspired us to create a marvelous product and the strategy that led us to become a successful company.

We’re Zendesk Kraków now - what does it mean for us as a team? What is the future of the product? And what does it mean for our city?

If you want to know, how did this merger happen? How did a group of students start a company that in a few years joined forces with Zendesk, the absolute best customer services provider? Why did Zendesk, a global leader in the customer relations sector, decide to expand into the sales force automation market specifically by buying Base? Why did they choose Base above all other possible scenarios?

It’s high time to meet and talk! We’d like to invite you to spend one December evening together and chat about all this.

If you haven’t heard about Base’s acquisition by Zendesk, be sure to check this out:

Never heard about Base? - Then you should definitely come! We are as curious about your story as we are excited to tell you ours :)

Who is it for?

Everyone who is interested in:
*Building products that people love
*A strategy that directly impacts people’s lives
*What makes being an employee at a startup special
*What “being a tech-driven” company really means
*The Base founders’ personal stories
*Learning all about Zendesk - the new kid on the block :)

…. And if there is anything else you want to know about where we were and where we’re going, there will be an “ask anything” session. We invite you to prepare any and all questions!

What to expect?

Let’s meet at The Stage, first beer is on us!

*Fireside chat - Bart Kiszala, Paweł Niżnik, Uzi Shmilovici - Base founders and Ryan Nichols
*Ask Zendesk Kraków Anything session

Afterparty and networking

Who will you meet?

Agata Wierzbicka, Bart Kiszala, Paweł Niżnik & Uzi Shmilovici

Nine years ago, together with Ela Madej, they ventured out on a journey to help fix the broken world of enterprise sales software by founding Base, growing the team from 3 to 120+ employees in the process, raising over $50M in the process from top tier Sillicon Valley startups, while serving as its VP of People, CPO, CTO and CEO, respectively. Base has been acquired by Zendesk in September 2018 and re-launched as Zendesk Sell during the 2018 Zendesk Relate Conference in San Francisco.

Ryan Nichols

VP of Product and Marketing at Zendesk Sell (former Base). Previously, Ryan was the General Manager of Zendesk Talk, Zendesk Chat, and the Zendesk Suite. Ryan is passionate about building products that help businesses engage with their customers-- he has been part of 4 startups and 2 industry leaders focused on that goal. His background includes SAP, Intuit, McKinsey, and the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

And if you’re also interested in the way we work, technologies we use and want to meet the team behind Zendesk Sell, we are organizing an meetup “Welcome to Zendesk Kraków” in our office the day later, on December 12th. Details here: