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Roche Global IT Solution Centre

We are Roche. We deliver positive change - solutions and applications that improve lives of patients around the world, every day.

On the one hand, we focus on software development and maintenance delivery excellence. We create and develop CRM, portals, mobile applications, analyse Real World Data and optimize processes at Roche.

On the other we create and develop global systems that support clinical trials and research. We engage in research activities and verification of concepts in the field of advanced analytics, machine learning, natural language processing, blockchain, medical sensors and smart devices, while also evaluating technologies such as quantum computing for applicability in business. Our solutions allow works on future medical breakthroughs. Whether it’s developing a virtual voice assistant that facilitates the daily data collection of patient parameters or a software solution for managing tumor boards and aligning oncology care teams on treatment decisions, we always strive to provide excellence in delivery and reach for the most advanced technologies available (i.e. Java, JS, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning).

With a team of over 450 in-house experts operating from our four sites located in Poland (Warsaw and Poznan), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and Canada (Mississauga) and over 3000 external software developers globally, together we create innovations that matter.

Who are we looking for in our department? We are open to high-class Specialists, Seniors and Experts interested in Technology, Project Delivery or Management. Our department has crucial importance for the worldwide innovativeness of the Roche Group. We believe that technology is our strength.

Through this Meetup Group we want to create constantly evolving environment. We want to help you develop by announcing and inviting you to all sorts of events we are going to be involved in. We hope you could help improve ourselves as well.


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Code4Life University Meetup UW

Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics, and Mechanics, University of Warsaw

[Wymagana rejestracja na stronie C4L, szczegóły poniżej] Rozwijaj się w obszarach Machine Learning, Big Data i Architektury Oprogramowania. Zdobądź praktyczną wiedzę na bazie przykładów projektów Globalnego Centrum Rozwiązań IT Roche >>TO JUŻ W CZWARTEK, 25 kwietnia Dokładnie: czwartek, 25 kwietnia, g. 14:15, Wydział MIM UW, sala 5440 >>OPRÓCZ WIEDZY, CZEKA NA CIEBIE WIELE ATRAKCJI 1: Pizza - po wydarzeniu zapraszamy na pyszną pizzę i dyskusję z prelegentami. 2: Atrakcyjne nagrody – po wydarzeniu ogłosimy zwycięzców konkursu online i wręczymy nagrody. 3: Gadżety – do odebrania podczas wydarzenia. >>DOWIEDZ SIĘ WIĘCEJ Po prezentacjach zapraszamy do odwiedzenia naszych stoisk: 1: Roche Innovation Lab - zobacz jakie przełomowe technologie IT wykorzystuje Roche w swoich projektach. 2: Przedstawiciele zespołu HR Roche – dowiedz się więcej o ofercie rekrutacyjnej Roche Poland. 3: Women in IT – sprawdź w jaki sposób Roche wspiera rozwój kobiet w branży IT. >>ROZWIJAJ SIĘ W RAMACH MACHINE LEARNING, BIG DATA I ARCHITEKTURY OPROGRAMOWANIA Agenda: 14:15 - 14:45 - Rejestracja 14:45 - 15:00 - Wprowadzenie do Roche Global IT Solution Centre 15:00 - 15:30 - Wstęp do chmury, wykorzystanie serwisów Azure i Google do rozpoznawania mowy 15:30 - 16:00 - Cluster Everything 16:00 - 16:30 - Hadoop 16:30 - 17:30 - Konkurs, ogłoszenie zwycięzców, Pizza, Networking >>KONKURS ONLINE Z CENNYMI NAGRODAMI Wypełnij formularz zgłoszeniowy na stronie wydarzenia (link poniżej) i weź udział w konkursie online. Do wyboru dwie kategorie: 1: Javascript Po rejestracji otrzymasz email z dalszymi instrukcjami. Ogłoszenie wyników i wręczenie nagród odbędzie się po spotkaniu. >>REJESTRACJA, LICZBA MIEJSC OGRANICZONA Wymagana jest rejestracja w postaci wypełnienia formularza na stronie: >>WIĘCEJ INFO WWW: Ewentualne pytania: [masked] Organizatorzy: Roche, Samorząd Studentów MIMUW, Fundacja Academic Partners.

Code4Life: Tech Meetup #30 (Business Analyst) - [Warsaw]

Roche Office - Graffit Building, VI Floor

Do you work in IT? Are you interested in the field and want to meet with peers? Or maybe you just want to swap stories from the Information Technology War Zone? If so, join us on the Code4Life Tech Meetups! We bring together Experts from a wide range of IT fields to deliver excellent talks and share their knowledge. You’ll also get the chance to see how we deploy technologies at one of Pharma industry’s biggest players. On Thursday 25 of April, we’re meeting up in Warsaw to discuss Business Analyst! We’ve brought together two experienced professionals in area, who will deliver their insights on transparency, clarity, and best practices, gained through years in the Data Governance battlefield. Once you’ve satisfied your thirst for knowledge, stick around to recharge your social battery among your IT peers. We’ll provide the refreshments while you get down to networking. Join us on the Meetup. Build your network. Boost your knowledge. AGENDA: 1. Introduction and Warm-Up 2. Data culture. How Business Analyst can support data strategic approach - Justyna Grześkowiak 3. Coffee Break 4. Digital Business Analysis in Roche - Ewa Misiewicz 5. Meetup Closure & Afterparty Justyna Grześkowiak: Data culture. How Business Analyst can support data strategic approach. Topic will be dedicated to building culture around data, what challenges organization faced while creating, collecting and sharing data. I would like also share my experience where is the role of Business Analyst in moving from data apathetic approach to data driven approach and whether Information Architecture is also something where business analyst could find yourself. Justyna works in Roche for the last 8 years, last two years in BA area. She is interested in building culture around data and information that stays behind data. Ewa Misiewicz: Digital Business Analysis in Roche Digital Business Analysis is starting to be a new buzz world in the BA space. It proposes a new way to perform business analysis in today's world of digital transformation. At Roche we are gradually transitioning to be able to better support our business partners in the new era. Join this meeting to hear about the Digital Business Analysis concept and on some of the use cases. Ewa works as BA since 2011, two lat years in Roche. She loves working for the people and with the people.

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Code4Life: Tech Meetup #29 (Business Analyst) - [Poznan]

Roche Global IT Solution Centre

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