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Kraków Kotlin User Group
Kraków Kotlin User Group
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SAVE THE DATE: October 9, 2019 in Krakow, Poland.

This year as a part of Sphere.it 2019 we offer you:
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dedicated to Kotlin ecosystem 🎉

Showing top-notch libraries, battle-proven designs, best practices and dev-tools is our mission and a way to contribute to the success of Kotlin ecosystem.

Kotlin.sphere.it is a partner of Kotlin/Everywhere program – a series of community-driven events focusing on the potential of Kotlin on all platforms. More info at https://kotl.in/everywhere

We have already 4 confirmed speakers:

->Alexander Podkhalyuzin, JetBrains

"Kotlin Multiplatform: a trip from JVM to JS"
Kotlin is a programming language, which is widely known for the Android platform. Kotlin is also used for server-side development. Our team has been actively working on Kotlin multiplatform for a few years, which is mainly tooling for simple sharing code between different backends, including Kotlin/JS. In this talk I’ll show you how to actually share some code between the existing JVM/Android codebase and the client code. Such code sharing is experimental stuff, so we would like to collect as much feedback as possible to implement what we lack in tooling perspective for such a promising technology.As a bonus, we will take a look at a simple full-stack application, which is completely written in Kotlin.

-> Krystian Rybarczyk, Codete

"Flows – Kotlin’s shot at concurrency"
Concurrency is and certainly will be one of the biggest challenges we, developers, now face having to squeeze everything out of all the cores our CPUs have. With Kotlin you do not need to struggle with Java’s threads or Scala’s actors. Kotlin has its own concurrency model and I will show you why it is really cool and that it’s worth having a look at. During this presentation we will look into coroutines and see how they facilitate asynchronous programming. We will talk about flows and see how they make writing reactive code a breeze. If flows fit into your domain why not give Kotlin a shot?

-> Paweł Marks, VirtusLab

"Introduction to Kotlin" - Workshop - limited availability
"Kotlin: the deeper look" - Workshop - limited availability

Go to --> https://sphere.it/workshops/ to learn more about the time and place

-> Marcin Moskała, Kt. Academy

"Kotlin Not-to-Do List – What we should avoid doing in Kotlin"
Kotlin gives us a lot of possibilities, but with every power comes responsibility. What should we avoid doing in Kotlin? What are Kotlin internal contracts in terms of different features and functions? What is dangerous and should be avoided? How to code responsively?


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See you in October!