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Welcome! This is a place for all who are interested in discovering Inner Joy and Peace, in re-establishing a healthy relationship with the deepest part of You and with the world, and in achieving wellness and balance between mind, body and spirit.

Join us if you seek to:
- dissolve daily stresses effectively
- anchor inner peace, so it is with you no matter what challenges you
- tap into boundless creativity within
- expand your awareness of consciousness
- be done with life's dramas and get serious about your true purpose

Whether you are a beginner to meditation or an advanced meditator, there is always MORE to Self Discovery! The Ancient Teaching of The Art of Ascension -- as taught by the Ishayas -- offers simple techniques proven to be charming to the mind and effortless to practice. Students have often found it to be easier to meditate longer with deeper experiences, while maintaining complete physical ease.

Certain activities will be hosted in English.

E-books about Ascension and Consciousness are available at: