Beach & BBQ Potluck Picnic


It's time for another fun summer beach adventure.

Since August can get muggy this time we're going visit a beach that also offers us some shade. This spot also has a bbq area so it will be a great opportunity for a summer BBQ and picnic.

I will bring some plates, napkins, cups, utensils, etc.

Be prepared for a day at the beach - Don't forget sunblock, beach towel, and swimsuit if you want to swim

Heads Up - This beach will be more crowded than the Long Island beaches we've been visiting for most of the summer. The good news though - we'll only need a metro card to get there.

How to get to Manhattan Beach:

Take Q train to either the Sheepshead Bay or Brighton Beach train station. If you feel ambitious it's about a half hour walk. (Brighton Beach station is one stop further but will be a bit of a more direct walk) From Sheepshead Bay stop - B49 to beach From Brighton Beach stop - B1.

At Manhattan Beach head to picnic table area. Once I'm settled there I'll post a picture to help you find us more easily.

Drivers Manhattan Beach has a parking lot but you will have to pay. (I believe it is $20 to park but I'm not 100% sure). If you elect to park on the street you'll probably have to park a bit further away and walk (parking in the area is restrictive on the weekends during the summer