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What we’re about

Are you ready to create the life you want? As those of you consciously traveling your spiritual path are aware, you are each much more than your physical body and mind. You are powerful beings with the power to create the health, wealth, joy and happiness that you desire and deserve. How do we do this? Each of us are an extension of Source Energy and it is with Source Energy that we co-create our realities. So why not create the life you want to have now?

Each month we will explore and practice practical methods for doing this. No matter where you are on your spiritual path, it is the perfect place to begin or accelerate this journey to your true self and power. This is the most important part of the your spiritual path--to come to a deeper realization of what being a part of Source means. It is why we are all here-to remember what powerful Co-Creators we are! I invite you to make this wonderful journey with me and a group of other powerful Co-Creators. We will take it a step at a time and all become master creators together!

The meetings are held in my home which provides a safe, judgment-free and loving space for all. As with all other meetings held at my home we will have those from the Angelic and Ascended Masters realms as well as other loving beings in attendance and will be open to their messages. The energy is always incredible for our gatherings.