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What we’re about

This is for people that are interested in all things startups and side hustles, from solopreneuring to homepreneuring to building a great product or company - especially in these difficult economic times we find ourselves. We've launched a live video webcast/podcast every Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7PM EST where attendees can get in on the conversation alongside our special guest each session.

Host Allen Clary ( teaches undergraduate Entrepreneurship at USF, is a co-founder of Tampa Bay Wave, and an EIR at UT Entrepreneurship Center. All welcome - experienced, aspiring, and the curious. The goal is to meet new people, share learnings, and encourage aspiring entrepreneurs.

The format, Allen opens the session with getting background and story on the special guest entrepreneur followed by a hearty opening discussion between Allen and the guest. Shortly thereafter, we open it up to attendees that wish to give comments, questions, or share information/experiences. We also monitor the chat flow for questions and comments which we share real-time and answer.

The goal of the program is to be fun and informative and sometimes inspire. The show will be simulcast to Facebook and recordings of the show will be posted to YouTube for watching later. Hope you can make a few of these shows and participate! 

NOTE: This group 'Let's Talk Startups' already exists on Meetup (hosted by me also) but I made the group private when I created it - made sense when we were doing more private physical meetups. But now with the virtual meetup and the webcast/podcast, we want to be public and easy to find/join. So many of our private page members will join up here also!