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What we’re about

This group is all about playing board games, enjoying a few drinks, and meeting new people. We host occasional game nights around the South Bay. We have a collection of our favorite games that we will be sharing. We enjoy all types of games, but mainly play social deduction and party games, however you are welcome to bring your own favorites. If you don't have anything to bring, all that we ask is that you come with a willingness to make new friends and have fun. Drinking is optional, and while we agree that drinking and playing board games is fun, if you do drink, we kindly ask that you do so responsibly and that you respect the venue and other people.

Joining Our Group:
Experience with board games is not required to join, we welcome new and experienced players alike. Our meetups may involve drinking or venues that serve alcohol, so we do require members to be over the age of 20. We also ask that you have a clear photo of yourself on your profile; we don't care what you look like, we just want to ensure that we will be able to identify our members when they attend our meetups.