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Game Salute Tabletop Games Design Center is in the Firdale Village Center at 9633 Firdale Ave in Edmonds. There's no sign yet for us, but it's really easy to find. We're in the front building on the side that faces the main road and situated between the hair salon and the Colonial Pantry restaurant. If you're looking at the satellite image in the map linked here, we're in the spot that says "Phoenix Theater".

I will provide light snacks and drinks. You are welcome to bring your own lunch or there is an Indian take out and a Pizza place in the same center if you'd like to get lunch and eat while you play.

So, what we play often depends on which designers show up to lead us through their games. Here are a few that we've played in previous events and we may well see them played at this meetup.


A game about hobos duiring the Great Depression of the 1930's. Your hobo travels the rails of America trying to find work at WPA sites, protecting your money in government bonds, and trying to maintain your dignity and grace in the face of bad times...3 to 4 players...90 min...Ages Seth Roback.


Forge is a game where you portray a skilled craftsman gathering materials to forge the weapons, jewelry, and talismans in your attempt to become the Craftman to the King...2 to 4 players...60 Nick Sibicky.


Scrapbots is something of a cross between BattleBots, Junkyard Wars, and Mechwarrior. Mix it all up, throw in a few Corporate Sponsors, and you've got an arena battle game like no other...2 to 6 players...less than 120 Rick Collins.


This game is not a Clever Mojo Games title...yet...but giving it a play test is still a possibility. This is a programmed movement zeppelin race game...2 to 4 players...45 Jeff Wilcox


The animals in this zoo spend their evenings attacking each other with wildly creative kung fu moves like "The Flying Monkey Face-Slap of Justice!". If they learn well and can defeat the Samuri Zookeeper they will win honor for their species. Designed by Brian Knudson (Kittens in a Blender), Zoo Fu is a fast paced card game for 2 to 6 players and lasts about 30 minutes.


Trading on the Mississippi in the mid 1800's. As a merchant, you build trading barges, called "Broardhorns" upriver, stock them with provisions and goods, then sail downriver to make your fortune. 2 to 4 players...120 Jim Harmon


This is an Elephant racing game designed by Bruno Faidutti. It's got cards, a modular track, and elephant meeples...3 to 6 players...45 minutes...ages Bruno Faidutti, Sergio Halaban, and Andre Zatz.


This is an open-hand puck-control game where players maneuver a common game piece around the circle of open-hand cards in an attempt to score positive points or push negative points to their opponents...3-5 players...30 John Moller.