Cemitas Party at Cemitas y Clayudas Pal Cabron

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I actually first read about Cemitas y Clayudas Pal Cabron from the Teenage Gluster blog (http://teenageglutster.blogspot.com/2009/06/cemitas-clayudas-pal-cabrony-cabronas.html). At the time, I was actually more enthralled at the wall paintings than the food. I just found them so amusing, but then I finally re-grouped and read Teenage Gluster's description of the food and it definitely sounded very appealing. Knowing that Pal Cabron, for short, was owned by sister and brother, Bricia and Fernando Lopez, whose family also owns Guelguetza, I wanted to check it out even more. About a month after that post, I got invited via Gluster to a Cemitas Party hosted by the restaurant. How could I say no to that?

Walking in, the first place I looked was up and there they were, 11 women painted on the wall. From modest to quite naughty, each of the women represented 1 of 11 cemitas, while a 12th cemita isn't. By the way, if you're not familiar with what a cemita is, it's a Mexican sandwich that is different from a torta in that the bread is a sesame-seeded egg roll. Traditional ingredients include Quesillo, Queso Panela, Avocado, Chipotle and Onions and that's pretty much what you'd see on a Pal Cabron Cemita.

One of the things I really enjoyed about the cemitas was the bread. Crusty on the outside, but soft in the inside and all baked on site. Freshly baked bread is the way to go when it comes to any type of sandwich. Of all the cemitas I tried, it was definitely all about the pork for me. The Spicy Shredded Cemita had wonderful heat to it while the Chorizo Cemita made my tastebuds sing. I also liked the slight fattiness of the Roasted Pork Cemita. We also had a taste of one of their Clayudas. The ingredients included aciento (chicarron spread), black beans, queso fresco, Oaxaca cheese, cabbage, tazajo (beef) and cecina enchilada (pork).

Along with the cemitas, I enjoyed a Michelada for the first time. The Michelada is a drink made with beer, tabasco, lemon and worcestershire sauce and is rimmed with a Oaxacan imported chile salt, which has a very interesting ingredient. Simply, the chile salt includes ground agave worms. Putting my lips to any part of a worm was something I would never usually consider, but for this drink, it didn't bother me a bit.

To read about my experience at this Cemitas Party and to see all the photos of the entire Cemitas Menu and the interesting wall art, click here to visit my blog posting (http://pleasurepalate.blogspot.com/2010/01/cemitas-party-at-cemitas-y-clayudas-pal.html).

Now it's time for our very own Cemitas Party where for $14/$15, this tasting event will include:

Sampler Plate of 4 Cemitas: La Tetanic (Chicken Breast), La Muy Muy (Milanesa), La Chirris (Chorizo) and La Barbacha (Lamb)
A taste of the Clayuda
One Agua Fresca
One Beer or One Michaleda

Extra Beer or Michaledas as well as bottled drinks and soft drinks can be purchased separately.

This will definitely a fun tasting event and be sure to bring your camera because the painted walls at Cemitas y Clayudas Pal Cabron are definitely a Kodak moment.