Traditional Brasilian meal at Rio de Brasil Cafe - Feijoada Dinner

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Pleasure Palate Member and Fellow Blogger, Bill of Street Gourmet LA, is up to his own tricks again and by tricks, I mean luring all of us to check out some delicious Brazilian eats at Rio de Brasil, but this meal is going to be special in that we're going to check out a well know Brazilian dish called the Feijoada. For more info, I'll let Bill do the talking below.

Feijoada is the national dish of Brazil, traditionally served on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It consists of a black bean stew with lots of pork and dried beef. A feijoada complete consists of the feijoada, with white rice, greens(couve), torresmo( cracklin’), orange slices, malagueta peppers, and toasted manioc meal, called farofa. A caipirinha; the cachaca, sugar and lime national cocktail of Brazil is as much an ingredient as the camaraderie.

The Feijoada version we will enjoy today will contain:
pigs feet
pork shoulder
beef jerky

all slowly cooked for hours until every bite concentrates all the ingredients into pure pleasure. This labor intensive dish can take a couple of days to make. The meats are usually purchased salt cured, taken home to remove the salt, and then incorporated into the stew on the day the dish will be served. Bay leaves, garlic, and onion gives the dish powerful natural flavors.

Feijoada is a lazy Sunday afternoon with family, enjoying some caipirinhas, essential to a feijoada experience, cooking together, and feasting over long conversations. Feijoada is a mid-day pause at the luncheonettes in Rio, after a morning on Copacabana Beach, fuel for a night at the bars and clubs of Leblon and Ipanema. Feijoada is served in the humblest of stalls in Brazil as well as on white linen in Sao Paulo’s upscale Jardims neighborhood.

Rio Brazil Café is owned by Rio born cook, Luciene Peck, who brings the home cooking of her state to Los Angeles. Rio has perhaps the most popular version of feijoada known in Brazil, along with Sao Paulo. The dish million different recipes and does have some differences depending on the region, but Rio makes the style most familiar to Angelinos. Rio Brazil Café was recently given a fantastic review in the LA Times for Luciene’s substantial home style cooking from Rio.

This last year I went with some friends to seek out the best feijoada in town, and Luciene’s version at Rio de Brasil Cafe was tops. She doesn’t use all the traditional parts as they aren’t all available, but she makes her own beef jerky from scratch!

For $20/$21 (including tax and tip), we will be sharing:

- A Traditional Feijoada
- Various Side Dishes
- (1) Non-Alcholic Drink for each person
- (1) Dessert for each person

Rio Brazil Café has a Cachaça club, so, if you bring a bottle, Luciene will make caipirinhas with her ingredients for only $3 a drink.

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