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1st Annual Ramen Yokocho Fest: The Largest Ramen Show in the USA!

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Please Note: Read the directions carefully below BEFORE you RSVP 'Yes' for this event.

1) I am hosting this even for both Gay Foodies and Pleasure Palate.

2) Bring your own bowl and fork and soup spoon.

3) The event starts at 10 AM, but its important to arrive by 9:30 AM to be at the head of the line because this will be a very popular event. If you arrive late, I can guarantee the lines will be long and there is a good chance they will run out of ramen samples to sell because good ramen broth takes a long time to prepare.

4) We will be ordering family style. There are 12 ramen competitors. I will have each person in the group go to a specific ramen competitor and buy enough ramen for the entire group to sample.

5) After we each buy our assigned ramen samples, we will meet at an assigned place nearby to share our samples family style. There are 12 competitors and its impossible to eat 12 bowls of ramen, so the best way to tackle this is to share ramen bowls and just sample each one.

6) Bring about $30 in CA$H to buy ramen samples.

A few weeks ago, I read about the 1st ever ramen festival contest held in Torrance. This makes sense since LA is Ground Zero for ramen in the USA. We are the city that started the ramen trend in the USA, just as we did for sushi. There will be ramen masters flying from out of town to compete, but even the local ramen masters participating will be bringing up their game by offering special ramen dishes that they normally don't offer at their brick and mortar locations. So come join me at the st Annual Ramen Yokocho Fest in Torrance!

Here is a promo video to whet your appetite for ramen:


-Daikokuya & Ninben





-Silverlake Ramen

-Tsujita LA Artisan Noodle

-Gomaichi (Hawaii)

-Monta (Las Vegas)

-Orenchi (San Jose)

-Shalala (San Jose)

-Kitakata Ramen Bannai (Japan)