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Spice Up Your Weekend! Dinner at a Szechuan Hole in the Wall in the SGV

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Please Make Note of Pleasure Palate Attendance Policies and our 3 Strikes Rule by clicking here ( before RSVP-ing to this Event. Cancelling your RSVP within 24 hours or not showing up at the event without contacting the Organizer ahead of time will result in a strike. 3 Strikes and You're Out!


• We will meet in front of the restaurant shortly before 7:30pm. Please Note: This restaurant is very small. I will try to have 2 four top tables placed together to seat 8. Otherwise, we may have to break up into 2 groups of 4 for this dinner.

• Family-Style Dining: Dining for this event has been designated as Family-Style. The food bill will be split evenly between all attendees. Attendees will be responsible for paying for their own beverages. Please note that flexibility is an important part of family-style dining, and if you want to take a chance on attending, you have to be amenable to what the group/AO will order. You don't have to eat everything that is ordered, but everyone pays equally, whether you eat everything or not. Why this policy? The goal for family-style dining is to allow for the entire group to sample as wide a variety of dishes as possible. If one or more attendees choose to order on their own, that limits the group's choices, which defeats the purpose of what Family-Style Dining is all about. In addition, most of the dishes we order will be moderately to very spicy. If this definition of Family-Style Dining doesn't feel comfortable, this may not be the right type of event for you. In addition, if you have ANY dietary restrictions or ingredients you do not wish to consume, then you may want to skip this event. Ordering dishes modified to fit someone's dietary needs or personal tastes will alter the true flavors of those dishes for the rest of the group.

• Cost per person is expected to be about $20 - $25,depending on how much food you order, plus any beverages, tax and gratuity. Please bring at least $40 in CASH (small bills preferred) to settle your portion of the bill. THIS IS A CASH ONLY ESTABLISHMENT!

• Parking is available in parking lot of the mini-mall where they are located. Street parking is available. Be sure to read the street signs for any parking restrictions.

Fellow Pleasure Palate member Yarom noticed this restaurant one day as he was heading down the street. Curious about an undiscovered restaurant that serves up authentic spicy Szechuan/Sichuan cuisine, he suggested that we should try this place. After reading the few Yelp reviews the restaurant has received, I figured why not. Although I haven't tried much of their offerings, I can definitely say that the lamb skewers they offer are well seasoned and brushed with a chili sauce to give it that spicy kick. Good Sign. Well, let's try out their other offerings and see how they compare to some of their more famous and popular counterparts. Oh, and I will order dishes at a spicier level as I still have not found a place that would give me that awesome burn, numbing effect, and breakout of flop sweat.


• Spicy Lamb OR Shrimp Skewers x 11 (Buy 10 Get 1 Free)

• Stewed Lamb in Casserole

• Chung King Twice Cooked Pork

• Boiled Fish & Beef

• Cucumber with Jelly Fish (Cold Appetizer, Non-Spicy)

• Kung Pao Chicken

• Spicy Beef Shank (Cold Appetizer)

• Zha Zhiang Beef Tendon

• Stir Fried Chinese Okra with Crab Powder (Non-Spicy)

• Chung King Spicy Noodles