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Dim Sum, Lunch Spec. + House Special Garlic Crab at Seafood Village in East SGV

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• We will meet in the lobby of the restaurant shortly before 10:30 am. Please don't be late. I will arrive earlier to put us on the List to shorten our wait for a table.

• We will be dining "Family Style." The food bill will be split evenly among all attendees. Attendees will be responsible for paying for their own alcoholic beverages. Please note that flexibility is an important part of family-style dining, and if you want to take a chance on attending, you have to be amenable to what the group will order. You don't have to eat everything that is ordered, but everyone pays equally, whether you eat everything or not. The goal for family-style dining is to allow for the entire group to sample as wide a variety of dishes as possible. If one or more attendees choose to order on their own, that limits the group's choices, which defeats the purpose of what Family-Style Dining is all about. If this definition of Family-Style Dining doesn't feel comfortable, this may not be the right type of event for you.

• Cost per person is expected to be about $20 - $25, depending on how much food we order (especially if we order the House Special Crab), plus any beverages, tax and gratuity. Please bring at least $40 in CASH (small bills preferred) to settle your portion of the bill.

• Seafood Village has received an average rating of 3.5 stars out of 5.0 from over 200 reviews:

• Parking is available in the shopping mall where the restaurant is located. Street parking is also available. Be sure to read the street signs for any parking restrictions, especially if you have to feed the meter, or if you're parked in a restricted area.

A while back, I hosted a dim sum brunch at Happy Harbor Seafood Restaurant in Rowland Heights, just to see how the dim sum out in this area compares to those in the Western SGV. Unfortunately, there were mixed reactions to the food from average to very good.

I want to give one more dim sum palace a try with the group, and I actually thought the dim sum I had here during my research run was pretty good. Let me know what you think.

This place serves dim sum priced mainly at $2.48 per dish. Specialty dim sum dishes such as congee, Chinese broccoli in oyster sauce, etc. cost between $3.28 and $8.68 per dish. In addition, they also have Lunch Specials at $5.38 and $7.38 a plate, so if we're in the mood for some sauteed shrimp or deep fried sole, we have that option. Lastly, Seafood Village also serves their famous House Special Crab during dim sum. I will have to inquire as to the average cost per dish, and we may order one if the price is reasonable.