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Sunday Soiree with Seoul Sausage Company and Snow Monkey Ice

Hosted by Pleasure Palate

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Price: $24.00 /per person

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Photo is Mandatory for Event Attendance. Since this event is going to be at my home and I've had a couple of incidents in the past, I'm going to be even stricter about my profile photo policy. Click Here to Read Photo Requirements! ( Notethat if your photo does not fit the photo requirements, I will change your RSVP to No.


$24 via Pay Pal ( to [masked]. This event is set up so that you will automatically get confirmed for this event once you pay via Pay Pal. However, you can still pay via check by following the instructions below.

$23 via Check (send me a msg to get my address, so that you can mail the check to me and also include a link to your profile so that I will know who to confirm for this event once I receive your check)

Your payment will cover all the food and the set up fees. You can bring your own beverages. IMPORTANT: You can not just show up for this event. Only a pre-payment will guarantee your RSVP.

Payments are first-come, first-serve, so if you really want to attend this event, Pay Pal is your best option!

All payments are non-refundable after 04/14.

If you happen to be a regular reader of my blog, you would have read about how much I loved the Korean sausages from Seoul Sausage company. How can you not love a Spicy Pork Sausage on a bun with apple cabbage slaw and a 100% Beef Kalbi Sausage on a bun with kimchi slaw and a garlic jalapeno aioli. Click here to read that post. I don't usually wax poetically over sausages, but these were just so juicy and flavorful, I knew I wanted all of you to give them a try as well. In fact, just so you can see how juicy these sausages really are, check out the ones I bit into below.

Spicy Pork Sausage

100% Beef Kalbi Sausage

But that's not all. Just recently, I was contacted by Mark Manguera, Kogi BBQ Founder, because he wanted to tell me about his newest venture, Snow Monkey Ice. They just recently opened a location in Canoga Park, but I actually go to try them for the first time at the Seoul Sausage Super Bowl Party. You can read that blog post by clicking here. The texture was really interesting. It's not frozen yogurt or ice cream or a snow cone. Instead, it had a creamy-pudding with just a hint of an icy texture that I rather enjoyed.

It was while I was at that Super Bowl party that a brainstorm hit. Why not have BOTH the Seoul Sausage Company and Snow Ice come to my house for a little Sunday Soiree? At first, I wasn't sure if they'd go for it because I couldn't promise them a big crowd and they'd probably required a certain minimum fee to even come out for a private party, but thankfully, they were willing to work with me and they really gave me reduced rate. :)

So for $23/$24 (which will cover the food and set up expenses), you will get enough Seoul Sausages (both pork and kalbi) and Snow Monkey Ice to eat to your heart's content. Currently, the Seoul Sausage Company only caters and Snow Monkey is way out in Canoga Park, so this is a great opportunity to to try two new food companies that aren't as readily accessible yet. So I hope you'll join me for this delicious Sunday Soiree.