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Pleb Lab is a group of misfit hackers who firmly believe that coming together to support developers is key for bitcoin to continue. Free and open-source development is critical to breakthroughs in bitcoin. The FOSS ethos is at the center of what we do here at Pleb Lab.

We support early-stage Bitcoin-only start-ups and developers building the future.

We host weekly developer workshops and bitcoin hangouts out of Pleb Lab.

Reach out via Twitter or our Website for the following:

  • If you are interested in hosting a workshop in our lab, reach out.
  • If you are interested in working out of Pleb Lab, reach out.
  • If you are a developer or builder with a startup idea, reach out.

Also, catch all of our workshops & hackathons on our YouTube.

Upcoming events (1)

Super Mario Sats Tournament

⚡️Pleb Lab

Love Mario? Love bitcoin? Level up with Super Mario Sats! 🍄

Join us for an epic showdown where you'll compete to earn real satoshis over the Lightning Network. But that's not all - you can also power up Mario by sending sats directly to the game!

Embark on adventure and forge alliances with friendly bitcoiners in their natural habitat, the renowned PlebLab hackerspace.

Note: This is a bitcoin-only quest, so leave web3, crypto, and blockchain in another castle. Let's-a go!

Past events (55)

SATSx Hackathon Weekend

Bitcoin Commons

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