Past Meetup

PMP Study Group-SF in Hayes Valley @ Mercury Cafe Upstairs or Downstairs


Greetings! There will be an in-person study session at Mercury Cafe on Octavia Street in Hayes Valley on Saturday April 6th from 12:30-2:30PM. Please feel free to arrive earlier or leave later, but try to be there for the solid two hour main study session. If you cannot attend, please feel free to suggest an additional date/time/location that works for you as a comment below. The idea of this meetup is for you to get some good study time in, as well as meet potential study partners/form a study group. Mercury Cafe has wifi. Street parking, watch out for meters.

Best Practices for PMP Exam Study Groups:

-commitment is key! study group members must be very committed to their study group team, and the process of studying for the exam. Set goals and meet them!

-try to meet at least twice a week if not three times a week. the closer to your exam the more important this is.

-one very effective method of learning is for each study group member to be responsible for learning a chapter from the PMBOK and then teaching it to the rest of the study group. The act of explaining the material and answering questions helps to solidify your own understanding.

-drill on exam questions until you are consistently scoring 75-80% accuracy; you need 61% to pass; build up your accuracy buffer!

Good luck studying for your exam! And let everyone know how you did WHEN you pass it!

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