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PMP Study Group - Oakland @ Arbor Cafe (Self-Organizing)

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Greetings! A few people are going to do a self-organizing in-person study session at Arbor Cafe on Telegraph Avenue on Oakland on Sunday May 12 from 5:00PM to 7:00PM, which is near BART. Please feel free to arrive earlier or leave later, but try to be there for the solid 2 hour main study session. Look for people with their PMBOK's out. Come with your study resources and with a priority study topic in mind.

Best Practices for PMP Exam Study Groups:

-commitment is key! study group members must be very committed to their study group team, and the process of studying for the exam. Set goals and meet them!

-try to meet at least twice a week if not three times a week. the closer to your exam the more important this is.

-one very effective method of learning is for each study group member to be responsible for learning a chapter from the PMBOK and then teaching it to the rest of the study group. The act of explaining the material and answering questions helps to solidify your own understanding.

-drill on exam questions until you are consistently scoring high; build up your accuracy buffer!

Good luck studying for your exam! And let everyone know how you did WHEN you pass it!

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