Past Meetup

PMP Study Group-Aug 18-North Beach SF-PMBOK V5 PMP Practice Exam Debrief



There will be an in-person PMP Exam Study Group Kickoff Session/Study Session at Caffe Sapore on Sunday, August 18 starting at 10:30am. Please feel free to arrive earlier or leave later, but please be there at 10:30 to kickoff and to also get in a solid two hour study period.

There will be some time for intros/initial networking and setting the overall agenda. The primary topic will be a debrief on participant's experience taking a 4-hour 200 question PMBOK v5 practice exam. Please take this 200 question practice exam and score it as a "pre-read" before arriving so that participants can share their experience with the group, discuss the study strategies that they used, discuss any questions that they found interesting or tricky, and help each other out with the material. This study group kickoff session is oriented toward being at an intermediate/advanced level, but anyone who has taken a PMBOK v5 practice exam in whichever study stage they are in would benefit from attending. Please bring your study resources.

Our location is in the North Beach SF neighborhood. Note that the neighborhood will be very busy, including our cafe. So please remember to account for this in your commute. If you know anyone that is coming- possibly carpool.

If you are interested in PMP Exam bootcamps/contact hours to sit for the exam, please contact the organizer.

Please also contact the organizer if you have any other questions.

The PMI San Francisco Bay Area Chapter is a volunteer run organization. Note that there are many professional volunteer/pro bono opportunities, including in the following areas: Professional Development, PMO, Finance, Volunteer Management, Membership Management, Event Planning, and Technology/IT. Please check out the Volunteer webpage at (

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Best wishes for your studying and ongoing involvement in project management!

Best Practices for PMP Exam Study Groups:

-commitment is key! study group members must be very committed to their study group team, and the process of studying for the exam. Set goals and meet them!

-try to meet regularly - it could be in person, virtually, etc.

-set priorities and make clear agreements around your priorities and goals.

-one very effective method of learning is for each study group member to be responsible for learning a chapter from the PMBOK and then teaching it to the rest of the study group. The act of explaining the material and answering questions helps to solidify your own understanding.

-drill on exam questions until you are consistently scoring high; build up your accuracy buffer!

-let everyone know WHEN you pass the PMP exam!