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    I am an award-winning writer whose works are seen on PBS. See: -http://www.pamelapeakproductions.com/awards. Please join us for The Grass Harp, a play by Truman Capote. http://www.pamelapeakproductions.com/show-3-heartwarming-serio-comedy
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    I'm a novelist and professional book doctor—editor, book designer, handholder, and self-publishing facilitator—who takes writers by the hand as their trusted partner to produce books that rival or exceed traditional house publications. :-)
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    Author of bestselling collection Endless: A Literate Passion and Paper Angels, I also own a brand strategy and admissions firm. Background includes: MFA in Creative Writing, BA in English/Career Writing, and a forthcoming series of mystery novels.
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    I decided that this was the year to take screenwriting seriously. Time to put my skills and education to use!
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    I'm honored to be part of this writing community. I'm a creative writing instructor offering unique courses and workshops focused on helping students enjoy writing and significantly improve their skills.