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The Issues You Don't Talk About Cafe Mid-Month Meetup

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Note: There is a last minute change. We will have to start at 6:00 PM because there is a party in our room that might not be out until then. I will still be there at 5:00 PM in case some didn't get this message, but we will be officially starting an hour later. Sorry again for the late notice.

As usual there is a lot to talk about.

You can all look forward to the regular appearance of the "Flying 800 Pound Gorilla." The egg timer that can't seem to keep time and the "One Minutes."

"One Minutes" are an opportunity for you to introduce yourself and tell us for approximately one minute, what is on your mind. You can talk for one minute or less about anything from a hang nail that's been bothering you, to your explanation of the meaning of life, but you only have one minute.

Remember the rules:

Bring your voice and passion, but leave your anger and condescension at home. Be respectful to everyone during discussions) If you get angry at differing opinions, please realize that this is not the place for you and kindly do not attend. Eat, drink and be merry and tip well if you can. We don't have to leave as friends, but we can't leave as enemies.
Here are some of the topics we could explore:

-What do you think of Mitt’s choice of a running mate?

-What do you really think the future of Medicare is? Are vouchers or “Premium Assistance” really a good idea? Does anybody really want to see “Medicare wither and die on the vine anymore?”

-What’s going on with Colorado? Why are they shooting up everybody? There was Columbine, Aurora and now I understand the shooter in Wisconsin was from Colorado?

-Has Detroit suffered from years of Democratic policies and rule?

-Why are we still in Afghanistan? Can you believe that soldiers were invited over someone’s house for dinner and then murdered by their Afghan host? What did that accomplish?

-Does Claire McCaskill stand a chance again Todd Akin?

-Why was there so little turnout for the vote last Tuesday? Did you vote?

-What does success in the Olympics say about the countries there? Why does the U.S. usually dominate the medal count? Soon, shouldn’t we just permanently host the thing?

-What would it take for you to disown your child? What if they told you they were gay?

I look forward to talking to you all.