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( We Only Accept new members that are couples and Bi/. Bi-curious women and or kink friendly single women ) Please follow Us for updates and some (Public photos of events on Facebook.com)

Our group email for all confirmations and emailing me Is polyamorymorethan1@gmail.com

We are a group that wants to socialize, make friends. Lifestyle friends are great to love and understand how you feel and react to others too!
This Group is for established polyamory and swinger people. Curiosity is welcome, but our members already are established in this lifestyle.

Our social events will include activities outdoors, indoors, at pubs and restaurants as well as seminars and chat rooms just to name a few. ( WE ARE NOT A HOOK-UP GROUP) if you happen to connect w others and want to form a bind or a relationship/s that’s great, but only in the if the respect and openness is there! ( get to know people more than 1 meeting and more than 3 dates are suggested!
We will be having some meet and greets so we can get to know you and you, us. Our Group is a Private group Only people those who are accepted to the Group can come to events and bring Guests if they choose. * All events in our group No matter what will have a $5 Meetup fee, per person even if the organizer does not post it as if January 1, 2019

Polyamory is the practice, state or ability to have more than one sexual loving relationship at the same time, with the full knowledge and consent of all partners involved. If you practice or hold these values, whether you're an old hat or a fresh newbie: you belong here! Everyone is encouraged to post events and share the love.

Rules and Regulations ( In No Particular Order)
( you must post a photo of you and the partner you choose to be on your profile, this is part of your agreement to our group as a polyamorous couple)

1) All Single Members Must Bring a plus one to any of our social events unless posted, or you ask a leadership member. your PLUS 1 does not have to be your partner or lover, they can be simply a friend. gender will not matter with our plus one rules.

2) Please Be Discreet when talking to others about the group and anyone else's lifestyle

3) you must be open about your sexual health to any and all partners!

4) This is an open an Honest Group, You must be Open and Honest about your Intentions IE friendship, relationship, or sex it doesn’t matter!

5) No back talking, backstabbing, racial comments, or body comments on anyone in the group ( Please Respect any person who wants to be at any event!

6) There is a respect policy, in our group 24 hours Notice if you're not coming or can’t make it. For same day cancellation please simply tell us. We will understand just be open and honest with us and we will be with you!

7) Respect all lifestyles in the group. ( There are no wrong ones ) REPORT ALL unwanted behaviour/attention to any admin right away!

9) No PM messaging random people in our group who you have not met in person. This is part of our No Harassment policy!

10) NO Harassment rule is a key part of rule number 9 please respect it there is A No tolerance policy for Harassment in our group you will be kicked out immediately without warning!

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