Polyhack 3! Hardware Dev, ReasonML, and Serverless

This is a past event

28 people went


Fantastic talks lined up for this month, very excited to hear about Hardware Development, Serverless, and ReasonML. Looking forward to seeing everybody out once again!

Rigel St. Pierre - Serverless

@rigelstpierre (https://twitter.com/rigelstpierre?lang=en)

Shane Wilson - ReasonML

Johannes van der Horst - Why (and how) I develop hardware


If we can write software once, and deploy it a vast number of times, the return on investment is tremendous. With hardware products on the other hand, every deployment has a fixed cost. Development requires capital for prototype and manufacture. And rolling out updates or fixes after release is somewhere between costly and impossible. So why would anyone bother with this? Let me take you on a meander across the hardware landscape, to understand why I do this, and learn about the ways in which I make it viable.

Thanks! Keep on being excellent to each other.