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Tables are reserved for us. If you have trouble finding us ask for the "poly group" or the "parrot people". Also look for the inflatable parrots. usually hung below the ceiling lights. We will be on the long tables just beyond the bar. This meetup group is for anyone who is interested in openly and honestly loving more than one partner - you may call yourself polyamorous or non-monogamous or any other label you prefer, but if you are interested in having, or currently have multiple romantic and/or sexual relationships where all concerned are consenting and in full knowledge, you are welcome to come along and chat with others who understand those choices. This is NOT a dating group of singles! If you are actively looking for a partner, that's fine, but the group is not set up for the purpose of matchmaking, and some of our members are pretty "polysaturated" (i.e. they have as many relationships as they want and are not looking for more!) I'd hate for anyone to come along expecting that everyone there is looking for new partners and then be disappointed. If you are looking for new partners, look out for things like Poly Speed Dating nights, Poly Cocktails and try looking online at, for example, If you receive unsolicited "let's meet" or other predatory messages from a member, please forward them to the admin team. We aim to be a safe space for everyone.Come along and talk to others about how they found their partners, too, if you like. We are a friendly group and not known to bite. ;-)

Sir John Oldcastle pub

29 Farringdon Road, · London

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The purpose of the group is to be an open forum for anyone who is interested in polyamory and able to attend, to meet poly people and find out more about polyamory, socialise with others who understand the concept and discuss anything you want to really. It is NOT designed as a "cruising" or "picking up" event, so don't come expecting everyone to be looking for new partners. Do not send messages to other members unless you have met them at a meetup, and spoken substantially with them. If you receive unsolicited "let's meet" or other predatory messages from a member, please forward them to the admin team. We aim to be a safe space for everyone.

We meet in a pub which is accessible for wheelchair users, not too noisy, not too expensive, serves food, is central ... we've really tried to make the venue as accessible as possible for most people. Our new venue since 2016 for the Tuesday meetup does have a couple of steps at the entrance, there is a buzzer to inform pub staff if you need assistance or a ramp. If you need assistance and if you wish, you can let the group organisers know in advance and we'll make sure the pub staff are expecting you. Do come along if you are interested in meeting poly people, if you are poly yourself, or if you think you might be. We're a friendly lot and don't generally bite. :-)

NOTE TO MEDIA PEOPLE OR RESEARCHERS: Our members often do not appreciate researchers asking questions at meet ups. I am not a spokesperson for polyamory and I do not appreciate the endless flow of requests for information. Please seek information online or from the Poly Media Association If you email me with questions about polyamory I am most likely to forward your request to someone from the PMA anyway. We also strongly recommend you read this guide to interviewing poly people - .

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