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Elixir Virtual Meeting - Writing scripts and command-line tools

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Elixir Virtual Meeting - Writing scripts and command-line tools


Seattle and Portland will be hosting another joint virtual meeting this Tuesday. Attendees from around the world are welcome!

This month we have one primary topics of discussion lead by Rowland:

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Rowland will explore some of the options available for short lived scripts and executables in Elixir. He will share the lessons he learned building the Elixir CLI Exhelp ( and which options worked for that project.

Some topics of discussion will include:

  • escripts vs elixir scripts
  • dependency management for scripts
  • The limitations of scripting and CLIs in Elixir

We'll also take some time to discuss others' experiences and learnings writing scripts and command-line tools.


There should be room for additional topics. Our experience from previous virtual events has been that most of the evening will be filled with demos of things people have been working on, similar to lightning talks, as well as people asking questions with others screen sharing ideas. This worked well. So...bring your demos, bring your questions, bring your curiosity!

We will be meeting using Zoom, starting at 6pm PDT on Tue, Nov 29th, and go until 8-9pm PDT depending on content; it's perfectly acceptable to drop-off early if you have other things to take care of. Please RSVP or check out the #seattle or #portland room in the elixir-lang slack around the start time for details to join.

If you do not have your browser set to automatically start zoom w/ "zoom://" URLs, you will may need to copy and paste the password query param into the password prompt. If you still have any issues, please raise in the #seattle or #portland room.

Portland Elixir & Erlang User Group
Portland Elixir & Erlang User Group
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