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What we’re about

This group is for adventurous travelers young and old for adventures near and far...

We believe that everyone, from individuals to a large group, deserves to feel safe, guided, and nurtured when venturing forth to explore, discover, and expand their sense of self and space in this world.

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So many people whether single or not, have traveled and want to go again. Or, they would love to take off on their next adventure somewhere but don't know where to begin. This is what this Meetup is all about. 

We value your trust, together we seek to help you discover the travel experience you need and promise to listen, to serve, and to guide you on your journey.   

Make sure to connect with us and stay in the know through 




We have a special request when it comes to ADVERTISING upcoming meetups and scheduling trips. When booking travel, please consider using the services of our sponsor agency Adventure Marketplace. Tours and all inclusive packages can be booked directly with Adventure Marketplace by contacting Nancy at 207-712-5699. We plan ALL the group trips that are promoted here in this meetup.

And I want to let all you adventurers know that you can use this as a platform for a trip YOU want to create and bring the people you want to share in the fun.  Adventure Marketplace will take care of the logistics and ALL DETAILS!  

We want to help bring people together to have fun, laugh and create lasting memories with one another. 

Lastly, if you're a member of another group that may be interested in traveling together (Family, Church, Chorus, outing or ski club etc...) please contact me directly. If you bring a group of 10 or more you will be rewarded in COLD HARD CASH for your efforts.

Stay in touch and take good care ~ Nancy

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