De'Mel Mojica: Probabilistic Approaches to Multi-dimensional Fuzzy Joins

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Speaker: De'Mel Mojica

Abstract: This talk will be on a general approach to automatically join large-scale, geospatial data across distinct data sets, using a mix between Levenshtein Distance thresholds and Haversine Distance thresholds. This approach permits joining multiple data sets without the need to provide ad hoc normalization conventions for each data resource. In addition, this approach can be generalized beyond a geospatial field and applied any domain which requires joining across two or more non-identical dimensions.

Doors open after 6 pm. DO NOT SHOW UP BEFORE 6 PM. Talks start at 6:30 pm. Repeat: DO NOT SHOW UP BEFORE 6 PM.

Doors are open at bottom, take elevator to 3rd floor, door should be open for suite 320

We'll visit a local watering hole afterwards.


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