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What we’re about

This group is for anyone and everyone interested in sound as a healing modality. Sound healing comes in many forms and we are open to all of them. We invite mindful,  intentional sound made through vocalizing, singing bowls, bells, and instruments to help cultivate within us a sense of calm, peace, as well as cleansing and imbuing, becoming lightfilled, well, vital.

We can use intentional sound to alter matter and energy patterns. SO many amazing physiological and neurological effects are possible through vibrational input. And, we can achieve altered states of consciousness through making sound in a spiritual container. All towards wellness, connection, open-heartedness.

In my wildest imagination, we would use this community weaving to do Service through Sound--in care facilities and other places healing is needed. Land blessings, serving  distressed people, somehow making the power of healing sound a mainstream healing modality.

While online events may predominate currently, sensitively shifting to in- person experiences will be evolving.

Please be in touch with ideas, interests, congruent offerings.