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Pet Stores/Breeding/"Leasing" Boycott & Rally by PAWA

Hosted by Advocates for Animal Welfare

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(CLARIFICATION: This is NOT a PETA event. Since we have limited resources, we are using their materials, just as we use other organizations' materials for our other events. You can make your own "Hannah" specific materials to use.)

PAWA members will be providing signs and banners from PETA's "Don't Shop, Always Adopt" campaign for protestors gathered outside this mall location, which is home to "Hannah, the Pet Society". Their program is controversial to say the least, with a financial committment that resembles a "leasing" situation. In a world full of abused, neglected, and homeless pets languishing in shelters looking to be adopted with minimal one time fees, there is no reason to buy or lease a pet. Be a voice for those homeless pets this year looking to be adopted in shelters AND animals kept in breeding facilities to be sold at pet stores. Meet at the Washington Square Mall entrance on the corner of SW Washington Square Rd. & SW Greenburg Rd.

If you want to make your own signs, please do. A good focus for your poster, and first step to getting "Hannah" to listen to the public could be, for example..."HANNAH, Just Tell Us...DISCLOSE where you get your pets from! BREEDERS or shelters?

AND "Honk If You Want Hannah Society To Use ONLY Rescued Pets!" Let's generate some noise!

If you have a well-behaved, rescue dog that you adopted, feel free to bring them with you to our event. We want people driving by in cars to take notice. You can even bring a sign that says, as a sample, "I Won't Buy From HANNAH, My Dog Is ADOPTED".

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