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Leafletting with Mercy For Animals at PDX Comic Con

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"Portland Comic Con is just around the corner and in the past these type of events have proven to be really good leafleting. As you know, research has shown leafleting to be very effective at inspiring people to go vegetarian or to reduce their consumption of animal products. By educating the public about factory farming and veg eating, you can personally spare thousands of animals from a lifetime of misery.

I am not 100% sure what the layout of the Oregon Convention Center is, but from what I can tell on Google Satellite there is public sidewalk near the entrances/exits where you should get some good foot traffic. At the Chicago Comic Con there ended up being lines of people waiting to get in and all you had to do was walk down the line and give people something to read as they waited. You might even hand a leaflet to William Shatner, Norman Reedus or "Gold Rush" star Todd Hoffman (yeah, I don't know who that guy is either).

Want to take it to another level, then do what other awesome activists did and make yourself a veggie superhero costume. It will actually improve your take rate by quite a bit.

Either way, if you are interested, please let me know and I will put you in touch with the team and what day will work best for everyone. This your first time leafleting? No worries, there will be experienced leafleters there and you can also check out our leafleting tips on our website.

Thank you and may the force be with you as you help festival goers move towards a more compassionate diet at warp speed and help us stop the meat eating zombie apocalypse ;-)


Mikael Nielsen
National Volunteer Coordinator


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