Past Meetup

February Theme : : The Color Blue


NOTE! Meeting is on SATURDAY at 3:45pm to 5:45pm!!! This is not our usual day/time, but may give those who can't make it on a Sunday a chance to attend.

This month the theme is the color Blue!

Blue is the deepest colour; unimpeded, the gaze plumbs infinity, the colour forever escaping it. Blue is the most insubstantial of colours; it seldom occurs in the natural world except as a translucency, that is to say as an accumulation of emptiness, the void of the Heavens, of the depths of the sea, of crystal or diamond. Emptiness is austere, pure and frosty. Blue is the coldest of colours and, in its absolute quality, the purest, apart from the total void of matt white. (from the Dictionary of Symbols - Penguin Reference)

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Bring a new "blue" piece, an older piece that fits the theme, or something completely unrelated! We just want you there. Hope to see you!