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Happy New Year and Happy 4th Anniversary!

This month the theme is trees (thank you David Kidd for the suggestion). Trees are one of the richest and most widely spread symbolic motifs. Trees connect the three levels of the cosmos - the Underworld through their roots burrowing deep in to the soil; the Earth's surface with their trunk and lower branches; and the Heavens with their upper branches and top, reaching up to the light. Reptiles crawl among their roots; birds roost in their branches; and they relate the Upper to the Under world. They bring all the elements together: Water circulates in their sap; Earth becomes part of their body through their roots; Air feeds their leaves; and Fire is produced by rubbing their sticks together (from Dictionary of Symbols - Penguin Reference).

Create a tree - paint it, sculpt it, sew it, stamp it, print it... whatever your medium, or try something new... branch out! If you have a piece that ties in to the theme, bring it. Or bring something else you would like to share. It does not have to be theme related.

I will bring a cake to celebrate our four years, as well as beverages. If you'd like to bring a food item to share that is great!

I look forward to seeing you all, and your wonderful work, in the New Year!