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West side meetup at Hondo Park

Photo of Mickie, Ruckus and Chesty too!
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Mickie, Ruckus and Chesty t.



Please note the time change. We do it Earlier in the day during the Summer months! (open to changes to this time if the majority suggests it)

See you in the grass on the big side until it is too wet, then they move us to the gravel next to the big side!

West side meetup of the Portland Bulldog Association

The west side meets the 4th Sunday of every month at Hondo Park in Hillsboro.

Who should come? Are newcomers welcome?
All responsible bulldog owners are invited to attend. Please make sure that your bully is up to date on his/her shots. Interested in getting a bulldog? This is a great place to melt your heart.

Why should people come?
The bulldogs love being with their own. It is a great place for parents to meet up and discuss current issues and just have a great time.

How will members find you when they get there?
Trust me. You can't miss us. Just follow the trail of slobber and broken chew toys.

Where is Hondo park and what is it?
Hondo park is dog friendly, off-leash, fenced park. It has two sides. We will be meeting on the left side. It has the big hill in the middle.

Do members need to bring anything?
We suggest you bring fresh water and some sort of drinking receptacle for your bully's. If you don't mind your bully sharing with every one else, feel free to bring a favorite toy.

Photo of Portland English Bulldog Association group
Portland English Bulldog Association
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