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Every 1st Sunday of the month

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​Sign up​ and participate​ because you are committed to living an inspired, meaningful, and happy life.

Welcome to Positive Focus Free Hugs!

WHEN: 1st Sunday & 3rd Saturday monthly, beginning at 2pm (usually lasts 90 minutes, weather depending)

WHERE: Old Water Tower Park (SW corner of Michigan Ave & Pearson Dr.)

WHY: To spread kindness and let people know they matter in the world. We encourage you to come check it out as a bystander first as we think once you see it, you will probably want to participate, so come check it out and see for yourself. We will also have signs with affirmative messages, so you can hold that too if you'd rather not get a hug.

FREE HUG EVENT COMMITMENTS: I am committed to...

• Coming with an open mind, open heart, open arms, and willingness to spread kindness.

• Remembering you are a representative of Positive Focus, so be kind and respectful as kindness is our core value.

• Pay attention to scent and not wear too strong of colognes, etc.

• Letting the huggee determine the strength of the hug as they may have an injury. Also, let them determine how long the embrace lasts so if they pull away..let them.

• Always allow people to walk by without getting a hug. When we have a larger group of huggers it can be intimidating, so make sure people feel free to walk past.

• People will ask what why we are doing it, just say to spread kindness. If they seem to want to get involved, you can give them a PF card.

• Keeping the event about hugs while allowing high fives/fist bumps. Kissing of any kind is inappropriate.

• Sometimes there are protester's sharing the area with us. We go high and do our thing - do not engage with them as you are a representative of PF. Positive Focus is PRO peace rather than anti war, PRO health rather than anti disease, PRO kindness rather than anti cruelty and we act accordingly.

• SMILE and have fun.

• Tony and I have extra signs, but you are always welcome to make your own.


Sometimes due to weather we cancel or shorten the experience, so watch the calendar and come near the beginning in case it's shortened.

​About Positive Focus: We are a 501c3 organization with a passion and purpose is to cultivate and promote a positive outlook that inspired and supports millions of people to live a more fulfilled life.Visit our website to learn more: ( or thru Meetup Chip In

About the Founder: Carol CC Miller, a positivity catalyst, has touched millions to live life with maximum joy and passion through personal coaching, writing, speaking and running her nonprofit organization - Positive Focus.

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