"Migrating Data Quickly and Safely" with Aaron Webber

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Join us on October 22, 2019 as Aaron Webber presents, "Migrating Data Quickly and Safely".

Data and schema migrations have always been an operational challenge for administrators of relational databases, and integrating migrations into a modern CD pipeline is even more painful. We want developers to be able to quickly write and deploy schema changes, but we don't want to take down the site! In addition, a schema change that will take hours or require scheduled downtime in production should be applied transparently in development and testing environments. At Nextdoor, we solved this in a way that allows developers to move fast while keeping customer data safe.

Aaron Webber is a software engineer on the Infrastructure team at Nextdoor, where his job is building tools that help the engineering team move fast and scaling the infrastructure that keeps the site up. He gets very excited about observability, getting data in the hands of engineers, and long and complicated board games.

6:30 PM Doors open for socializing and food.
7:00 PM Announcements, speaker introduction, presentation, Q&A.
8:15 PM Closing announcements, wrap up.
8:30 PM Event ends.

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