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These exciting groups are based on the book, "The Power of Eight: Harnessing the Miraculous Energies of a Small Group to Heal Others, Your Life, and the World" by Lynne McTaggart. In these groups, eight people meet daily or weekly to meditate for ten minutes in order to “send intention” for someone to be healed in some way - physically, financially or otherwise - or for healing for the country, world or planet.

Sending intention is similar to meditation, in the form of imagining the person whole and healed. Participants take turns having their intention focused on by the group. It can also be seen as group prayer. What makes this so powerful is that everyone is sending the same intention, at the same time.

Lynne McTaggart is a best-selling author who has written a number of books on Intention and Spirituality. She is a journalist with a science background, and has done numerous experiments in conjunction with eminent scientists to prove “the power of intention.” Her books are all descriptions of her journey, the experiments, the miracles that have happened, and how to start your own group. You can check her out at www.LynneMcTaggart.com

I am inspired by Power of Eight groups and their potential to do good for people individually and the world. I am also thrilled to be adding meditation to my life in this way – brief, powerful, and in community with others.

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