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It is possible to fit fairly comfortably around 10 to 15 people here, so I will appreciate if you RSVP only if you are really attending the session. In this way I can know the number of people and spots left.

However if you are fine to sit down on the floor, we have mats, so we can possibly allow more people to come in.


Date: November 6
Time: 7 pm
Place: 1142 Granville Street Vancouver, BC
Free: By Donation


Once you get to the address, buzz the number 1418 and proceed to use the elevator to the tenth floor, turn to your right after getting out from elevator and proceed to the amenity lounge.


Hello everyone.

The abundance of life provides us with various opportunities to enter heaven and it is only up to us are we going to make that step to enter it if we can recognize it as an entrance.

In the moment of now with a clear guidance anyone can do it and it is not a surprise to see people actually doing it on the spot still in the meeting, not after they go home or after another year or you name it..

What does it mean to enter heaven?

What is Heaven?

How to recognize the doors to it?

How to enter?

And more....

Heaven and hell is on earth and it is very easy to live in either one of them.

For those who are ready and choose the Truth over a belief, heaven is never too far.

Perhaps you have lived your whole life looking at those doors being so close and yet something was preventing you to make that one last step and rejoice in your wholeness.

Wait no more! God has been generous enough to give me the key to those doors and I will unlock it them in front of you and will show you the way to enter it. In there you will receive your own key where you will be able to use to aid others who are in search of heaven.

Now doesn't this sound like a lot of spiritual nonsense ?

Great! If it does I really don't care and if it doesn't I too don't care.

Jesus, Buddha and all great awakened beings, who we call sages were doing the same thing, opening the doors to heaven in front of everyone who came to them, and those who had the eyes to see and ears to hear followed their guidance and themselves became the doors keepers of heaven for others.

Cause you see, once you are in heaven, people want what you have: Radiant Joy, Happiness, Peace, Love, Compassion all the best qualities you can imagine in ever lasting Contentment.

All of it it becomes the nature of your being, and it is natural for others to notice that and come to ask for the same, because truthfully everyone wants to be in heaven, there is no better place to be..

I invite you to wait no longer and use this opportunity to make that step and look at everything back from the other side...

Are you the one who is ready to make that step?

No regrets for coming guaranteed! :]

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