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The Art of Imagery withHanson Fong

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Hanson Fong of San Francisco, California, is globally recognized as one of the premier portrait and wedding photographers. Hanson has earned the Photographic Degree of Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman. Hanson’s photographic experience and educational credentials are unsurpassed. He is the 7th member in the history of Professional Photographers of America to earn over 1000 merits. He holds 3 photographic fellowships, recipient of the Gerhard Bakker Award, and American Society of Photographers (ASP) Honorary Educational Associate. Hanson is also a member of Canon's elite group of Explorers of Light.
Hanson has lectured at every major school of photography across America and has been invited to speak at various national and international conventions. His work and talent are recognized throughout the United States, Asia, Canada, Mexico and Europe. His work has been displayed in the Hall of Fame, Epcot Center, and the ASP Traveling Loan. Hanson’s images have been seen in numerous publications including “American Photo,” “Bridal Guide,” “Popular Photography,” “Rangefnder,” “Studio Photography,” and “Professional Photographer.”
The quality of his work is reflected in the aesthetic appeal found in each of his photographs.
Hanson will be sharing his photographic philosophy and techniques. Complimented with his animated personality, his attendees will enjoy:
• Hanson’s Classic 10 Poses
• “A” & “B” Body Positioning
• Natural lighting techniques
• Additive Lighting techniques
• Translucent lighting techniques
• Subtractive lighting techniques
• Glamour Lighting techniques
• Family Groupings-outdoors and indoors
• How to search for the ideal photographic location
• How to choose photographic gear
“Once you go with Fong, you won’t go Wrong!”
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