Image Peer Review and Circle of Sharing

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Photography Peer Review!

We know that print competition is an excellent way to improve your photography. How about peer review? We think this is a good way as well! We are all creatives and we can learn from one another!

PPSCV is a safe place for us to help each other improve our photography.

How it Works:
1. Submit images (up to 5) to XXXXXX

The images can be your personal favorites or images you think have room for improvement.

Upload Images here

2. We’ll display images in random order through the projector. Creators are kept anonymous at this point.

3. Participants are allowed to comment. Please say what you like about the image and suggest ways it can be improved. Please be generous with your comments.

4. The creator can reveal themselves at this time if they wish.

5. Go on to the next image until all images have been discussed


Circle of Sharing

Circle of Sharing will follow after Image Peer Review, if time permits. Be prepare to talk about what works for you! (Lighting, posing, Photoshop, camera gear, workflow, etc.)