Event Photography beyond Weddings - Kimberly Olker, Cr. Photog.,CPP


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Event Photography beyond Weddings

Weddings can be wonderful to photograph but they can also be seasonal, leaving you with dry spells in your schedule. Expanding your event photography business to include other significant life events can keep you busy all year long!

With many of these events, it’s important to know more than just your camera settings, lighting and posing skills to produce the best work for you and your clients.

Kimberly will walk you through a variety of event photography possibilities to add to your business. Then she will go into significant detail for photographing a Bar/Bat Mitzvah with both elegance and respect. She will explain terminology and symbols, religious significance, the service details and the timeline for the day. She will also explain when you should NOT be photographing during the service and how a photographer can avoid accidentally showing any disrespect.

If you’re looking to expand your event photography business into this specific genre, you need this information to be a success! It takes Chutzpah to be a great Bar/Bat Mitzvah photographer – Kimberly will first explain what this means and then explain how to get there!

Kimberly Olker is a PPA Certified Professional Photographer specializing in Portraiture and Event photography.

She officially started her photography business in 2004 when she photographed the Bar Mitzvah of her nephew. She began with taking children/family portraits, capturing Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and doing sports photography. She also explored various other areas of photography, including commercial photography and local area magazine shoots.
Currently, her award-winning photography is focused on Fine Art Portraiture, including “pets and their people,” along with Weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.

Kimberly loves sharing her photography knowledge with others, both teaching and mentoring. She is a CPP liaison, helping other photographers earn their certification in PPA. She recently earned her PPA Craftsman degree, while also sponsoring a fellow photographer for the same degree; they were honored to receive them together in January 2019.

Kimberly has been happily married for over 27 years & has two wonderful grown boys. She grew up in the Midwest, went to school in NY and currently lives in Rocklin, CA (outside Sacramento).

• Member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA) since 2008
• Member of the Professional Photographers of Sacramento Valley (PPSV) since 2015, Vice President[masked], President 2019
• Member of Professional Photographers of California (PPC) since 2017
• Earned CPP in March 2016
• Earned PPA Craftsman Degree in January 2019

Other irrelevant accolades, not related to photography:

• B.S. degrees in Computer Science & Mathematics, Engineer at HP
• 4th degree Black Belt in WCWMA (Ask me about my weapon form!)
• Former gymnast, competing at the Division 1 level in college
• Former actress & can still be seen in a few commercials
• Semi-fluent in Hebrew and French... and sometimes combines them into something she calls “Frebrew”
• Recent Synagogue President
• Always wanted to be an artist
• Has an “alter ego”

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